Thursday, December 20, 2012

Football Quote of the Week

Courtesy of:

There was a whole slew of these this week. I couldn't catch them all! Grin. So, this is what I've got:

"...Miles Austin with another grab..."

I hope it was appreciated!

" the pile, he's got a yard..."

Sounds like a fun orgy to me.

"...The Steeler line is big..."

I'd sort of hope so. They do want to defend the quarterback. Or they're just really endowed. Shrug.

"...Alerts the back, he's maybe going deep..."

Maybe? I'd suspect he WANTS him to go deep. Again, shrug.

Last one and this one is my favorite.

"...Leaked late..."

It doesn't even need a tag line. Grin.

I'm glad you enjoyed these. Please come back each week for more until the Super Bowl.

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