Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday!

This is from one that just sort of showed up. It's copyright of Megan Slayer, so please don't steal. But do read!!


Few people got under his skin like Daniel. The man was impulsive and full of life. But his drinking had been his undoing. Kelsey couldn’t handle when Daniel came home drunk and verbally abusive. He missed his former lover. Each time he stepped into the bedroom was like a step back in time to when they made love and talked all night long.

Thinking about the past wasn’t going to get the house clean. Not by a long shot. Kelsey sighed and grabbed the rag. The song on the CD player changed to another that reminded him of Daniel, “Mr. Bad Guy”.

“I really need to update my CDs.” He wiped more mildew off the window sill, then dunked his rag in the solution. Footsteps padded on the carpet. Probably the realtor. Without a partner, he couldn’t keep the house. Damn it.

“Don’t tell me you let this place go to hell.”

A shiver ran up Kelsey’s spine and his ears perked. He knew that voice—Daniel. He whipped around and fell on his backside. “Daniel?”

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