Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday!

Here are ten more lines from my football story, Crossing the Line. Enjoy!!

The hot water sluiced over Ryan’s body and took away the sting from overexerting his muscles. Eight kicks in one game wasn’t his usual. But with Jason Eckles, the normal punter out with a broken toe, Ryan picked up the punts and his usual point after kicks. Thankfully the Dragons won. He had something to be happy about. They creamed the Griffons, beating them by more than twenty points.

He turned off the spray, then shook the water out of his hair. His thoughts wandered to Paul. Every time he looked over at the Griffons bench, Paul sat staring in his direction. Ryan covered himself with a towel, then palmed his crotch. The nice thing about being the last one in the showers meant the rest of the team vacated the locker rooms by the time he finished. The alone time gave him time to settle down after the game and plot out what he wanted to do for the next game.

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