Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday!

Ten lines from my release coming in two days! Followed!

“Hold very still. Pretend to be dead.” The guy closest to me loosened the cuff around my ankle. A lock of his blond hair fell in his eyes, and the muscle in his jaw worked overtime. He didn’t just release me from the bond, he caressed me.

“I don’t think this one is coming around,” he said. “He’s still pale.”

One of the other men turned around. I held my breath and stared into space. Yes, I was pale. Being stuck in a room for more than twelve hours a day hunched over a computer didn’t exactly give me a chance to catch many rays.

“Too bad. I didn’t want to drain this one. He’s cute. Was.”

“I’ll dispose of him.” Ankle Man patted my shin. “I’m getting good at hiding the evidence.”

Hiding the evidence? Of what? Wait. My stomach dropped to my toes. He said something about disposing. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

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