Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday ~ Football!!

Here are ten lines from the football players. Yep, they're really coming around. I love the story, just have to get more time to crunch away on them. Grin. Enjoy!

Aiden strolled up next to him and handed him his jersey. “So.”


“You talked to him, didn’t you?” Aiden folded his arms. His helmet swung from his fingers. “The kicker.”

“Yes.” Although he told Aiden just about everything, the encounter with Ryan wasn’t on the to-be-discussed list.

“Details?” Aiden waggled his fingers. “Did you two do the nasty?”

“Enough.” Paul felt his ears burn and focused on lacing his cleats. “It’s not up for debate. You can tease me all you want, but yeah, we talked.”

“Talked.” Aiden snorted and sauntered off.

Paul blew out a long breath and tugged his jersey up over his head. If he moved his ass, he’d be able to catch the last few minutes of the Dragons’ game versus the Phoenix.

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