Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIP Wednesdays ~ Tumbling

trebuchet / 123RF Stock Photo

Image credit: dotshock / 123RF Stock Photo

I found this picture and I'm glad. Whoever this guy is, he very much looks like Aiden in Tumbling. The story is getting pretty intense and emotional for me, so it was kind of nice to have the release of finding an image that sort of fits what Aiden looks like. I love both guys, but apparently they are one gigantic ball of angst. Dylan rather reminds me of Justin Bartha from The New Normal, but since I don't own a picture of him, I can't show him. I rather like that he's not perfect and tall. He's just sort of average. Grin. But on the plus side, I'm over the 10k mark on Tumbling which means just past half way. Always a good feeling. It also means I haven't gotten much done on anything else, but that's the way things go (like blog posts that sort of get forgotten because I'm absorbed in writing. Yanno?). All righty, time to head to the bat cave. These guys won't leave me alone!

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