Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday!

Ten lines from a current WIP! This one is the second in my Vampire series, Haven House. I really like it. Enjoy!

“Daisy, sweetheart, you have to invite me in. At least open the door.”

She dragged oxygen into her lungs and let it out slowly. Julian. He’d followed her for at least the past eighteen months like a sentry. From what? She wasn’t sure, but she enjoyed the connection they shared—like two peas in a pod. He understood her and she got him.

When she tugged the steel door open, Julian smiled on the other side of the threshold. The soft cotton of his dress shirt molded to the sharp planes of his chest and the denim clung to the defined muscles of his tapered legs. “Hi handsome.” She shoved the screen door open. “Come in and keep me company.”

“All you had to do was ask for me.”

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