Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday ~ Savage Protector

Ten lines from Savage Protector! I had a blast updating the faery tale Strong Hans. Hopefully you like it, too!

“Don’t play the dumbass to me. I know a moron when I see one.” The Captain snorted. “You wouldn’t kill your fuck buddy over a misunderstanding, now would you? I wanted your ass and it was off limits, but this piece of shit gets it? How is that fair? I clothed you. Fed you. Kept you in this Shangri-La. I deserve what he got.”

Pietro’s eyes widened. He shook his head. Didn’t say a word, he mouthed.

Hans wiped his hands on the towel at his waist. Had Pietro spilled the secret? Possibly, but he doubted it. No, now was the time of the year when Hans challenged the Captain. Springtime. Knowing the time was near could not have been dumb luck on the part of the Captain.

“And what if I do?” Hans yanked the towel from his waistband. His gaze met Pietro’s. He hoped like hell he conveyed a modicum of control to his lover.

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