Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sunday Snog!! WIP Style :-)

My snog this week is from a work in progress. Why? Because it seems to be consuming my time right now and I feel like I live with the characters. Like, they are real. It's scary. Anyway, this is from Tumbling.

Dylan shifted, looking Aiden in the eye. “Aiden.”

“That’s me.” Aiden rubbed his nose along Dylan’s. “I didn’t transfer to Ohio just to tumble my way into someone’s bed. I came here because I heard about a great program and wanted to take advantage. I also came here because of you.” Aiden feathered a kiss over Dylan’s cheek. How’d Dylan like that little revelation?

“What?” Dylan’s voice cracked and he backed away a few inches.

“Yeah, I heard all these comments from other teams telling me there was this kid back in the states who flew when he vaulted. Likened to be better than me.”

“No.” The word came out in a whisper, but Dylan didn’t look away.

“I had to meet you. When I saw your picture on the website, I couldn’t resist. I’m a sucker for blue eyes.” Aiden ground his hips against Dylan’s groin and grinned. Even through the denim, the cock on cock contact sent licks of fire through his veins. “I’m glad I did. I could get lost in your eyes forever.”

“Yeah?” Dylan panted. He placed his hands on Aiden’s shoulders. “I like your eyes, too.” His lips parted a fraction of an inch. “I mean...”

“I know what you meant.” Aiden inched closer, then feathered a kiss on Dylan’s mouth. “I didn’t come over here to watch a football game, you know.” He moved Dylan’s hands to his erection. “I came here to make love to you.”

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