Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesdays

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Talk about irons in the fire! I thought - yeah, I know, never think - I had myself whittled down to two stories going. I thought I did. And then I saw a call and said, yanno... what if... and then the characters started talking. I really like them, too. So.... back up to three. Oh well.

Gymnasts are coming along. Almost to 5k on them. Pretty cool and writing the first love scene, which when it's totally new - not a second chance (yet) - it's really sexy to me to write. I've got an idea what the major conflict will be, too, so that's good. Now to hope I not only get it done, but Editor likes it.

10k into the second vampire story. It's probably only going to be a two story series, mainly because I don't want too many series running crazy, but it happens. I like Daisy, so shouldn't be hard to finish it for her - character/heroine. Grin.

But I'm off to the bat cave. I totally forgot to post some excerpts today and need to, then must write! I must! I must! (And yes, now "I must increase my bust" is in my head. Thank you Lords of Acid.)

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