Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WIP Wednesdays!

trebuchet / 123RF Stock Photo

I've been given yet another plot bunnie. It's funny, I don't really seek them out, but they find me. Not a bad thing, though. Means I have lots of stories to share with you.

So what's on the horizon? I've finished the next Challenges story, Take Me. It's with the editor right now. I'm three quarters of the way through my vampire story. And it's amusing because it's actually fitting with another story I'd written a while ago and forgot about. Seems things happen for a reason.

Once I get the vamps out of the way, I'll go back to the gymnasts. I really want to get back to them. I want to work on the prequel to Believe and a sequel to Under and Over It. One of these days...

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