Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday!

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I had a mini-rant over at my Wendi blog, but that's because I'm getting more accomplished with my Megan stories at the moment. The stories are just flowing more. I am one of those authors who goes where the stories take me, and they want to run with Megan right now.

Not a big deal. I kinda like it.

I'm almost done with Watch Me. I know, I know...I've been saying that for a while. But I am. One more scene and I'm done and it's off to be worked on. :-)

I'm also about 3k into my gymnastics story. It's called Tumbling at the moment, but that could change. The gymnasts are vaulters, but Vaulting doesn't sound as good, whereas Tumbling seems to fit better. We'll see.

Once I get those two conquered, I'm heading back to Glow land and working on Sarah and Callum's story. They really want theirs told, too.

So many stories, so little time. Grin. Thanks to all my readers, I hope to keep you captivated. Now I'm out to head back into the bat cave. Enjoy!

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