Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday!

I've been working hard on my gymnasts story and I'd like to share ten lines of it with you! Yep. Ten lines. That's all you get. Grin.

“Perfect.”Aiden brushed a quick kiss over Dylan’s lips, then strolled to the door.

Dylan slumped back onto the chair. Getting intimate with a teammate wasn’t the brightest thing he could do. If that teammate happened to be the closest thing to a best friend, even worse. He scrubbed both hands over his face. And if Jerome found out...he preferred not to think about that event coming to fruition.

The longer Dylan sat thinking, the more his shoulder ached. He might as well head home and let the meds do their job. Part of him wanted Aiden to show. The rest of him wasn’t so sure. “Guess I’ll find out if I managed to fuck up my life later on tonight,” he muttered and eased his arms into his jacket. “It’ll be really great, or really suck.”

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