Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Snog!

It's time for the Sunday Snog!! I thought I'd feature something from my latest story... but it's not out yet. In fact, I just turned the story in. So, here's a snog from Watch Me! Hope you enjoy.

“Have a seat.” Marc waved his hand. “Have a seat.” Kacey plopped onto his lap and he palmed her thigh. “Have you ever tried pegging? Or are you just adventurous?”

“I say adventurous.” Kacey giggled. “And curious.”

Curious explained things well. Tony sat on the edge of the closest chair. The glint in Kacey’s eye hinted to more than innocence. Mischief? Desire? He wasn’t sure, but he’d come this far.

“I sent the box on purpose.” He sat up straight and looked both Marc and Kacey in the eye. “I wanted you to have it.”

“Oh?” Marc crooked one brow. “For?”

“This.” Tony slipped to his knees and crawled to Marc. No turning back. He planted a kiss on Marc’s lips and pinned Kacey between them.

Instead of the expected shove or snarl, Marc wrapped his free arm around Tony’s torso. He swiped his tongue along the seam of Tony’s mouth. Shocked, Tony opened to Marc. Tony’s cock thickened behind his jogging shorts and pressed into the slippery fabric. Thoughts of Marc filling his ass played in a loop in Tony’s mind.

Tony rubbed his rock hard dick along Marc’s thigh and groaned. Marc rewarded him with a moan.

“That’ hot.” Kacey’s voice filtered through Tony’s haze. She stroked his hair and from the corner of his eye he caught her smiling. “Marc?”

Marc broke the connection with Tony and tugged Kacey close. “We didn’t forget you.” He threaded the fingers of the hand he had on her thigh, through her hair. “I think he wants to play, don’t you?”

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