Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WIP Wednesdays

trebuchet / 123RF Stock Photo

Holy crap. It's WIP Wednesday already? Sheesh. Feels like it should still be Olympic time. Not already past that time. Sheesh.

Now about those WIPs. I've got a lot on the plate these days. There are two really that have my attention. I let the cat out of the bag on the one kind of already on Love Romances Cafe. I'm planning a MM gymnast story. Yes, I dig the flexibility. And those arms. Doggone. Aiden and Dylan have been talking and it's quite nice.


Lennon and Conor have been talking to me, too. Don't know Lennon or Conor? Yeah, I didn't either. Lennon is one of River's former students. Remember River? And he's been kicked around by life--and a twisted Dom. Seems the club River and Lennon were at has now earned a rep for being rougher than could be considered legal. Anyway, they are talking to me, too. Puts a new twist on dick for brains. Four equally emo men all chattering at the same time. It's complicated.

So I'm stuck in the land of emotional men. It could be a lot worse. I'll take it. So it's now back to the bat cave. I've got to get something accomplished. Grin.

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