Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday!

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Have you been watching the Olympics? I very much have been. It's intoxicating because even when I know who got what medal - we get to see everything late here in the USA - and it's posted when it happens. Anyway, I'm loving watching them. My writing on the computer hasn't gone too far because I'm distracted, but the ideas are flowing fast and crazy. Four words: male divers, male gymnasts. HOLY COW. I don't know much about diving or gymnastics, but I'm ready to learn. Grin.

So the vampire story I posted the snippet from and that happens to be a free read at Changeling and's flowing a bit more. Okay, by flowing, I mean I added a whopping 1k to it, but some days 1k is a monumental amount. If the story isn't wanting to go anywhere and nothing wants to be written, those small amounts are worth it. Anyway, there's progress being made.

I'm planning out the next Challenge story. It's got a good foundation. Now if the gymnastics would be over (not really, because I like them), I could get more done on it.
Lennon and his friend are talking. They're from Permanent, sort of. Tangent characters. Anyway, I'm planning theirs out, too.

Now I'm out to go write. :-) Got to have something for you to read. Enjoy!

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