Thursday, August 2, 2012

Travel Thursdays

Today is more of a rant about somewhere I went rather than a story about how great somewhere was. I love to visit the library. It's a great place to go for research and the smell of the books is awesome. Yes, I'm one of those people. Shrug. So I happened to be there in the BAT - big a** truck. I had to jet off a quick email, so I climbed into BAT and pulled up the email on my phone. I didn't start BAT because I didn't see the need to waste diesel while I typed the email. I should've opened the windows, but I didn't think it would take that long. So I'm typing and these three young people stroll out of the library. Fine. They get into the car next to me. I made eye contact with the driver. He looked at me, then got into the car. I hear this THUMP. What the f**k? Then I hear him say, "oh shit. I just hit the _____." I have no idea what he said in the blank, but it irked me because he didn't say anything. Now I am pretty sure he thought there was no one in the truck. So... I started the truck and put the windows down. Oh and the radio was going. I turned that off. I hear, "OH SHIT." He and the female companions book it into the car and peel out of the parking lot. I know about where his door was, so I am pretty sure he hit the plastic part of the wheel well. But since he left and I didn't have his license number, I couldn't really do much. I got out and looked and nothing seemed amiss. Here's the thing. There was a witness. One of the library workers was out there having lunch. He saw it. The kid made a mistake and knocked his door into my truck. Plain and simple. My problem with the whole thing is this. The kid had no courtesy. He hit my truck, albeit not hard, and ran. No "I'm sorry" no, "I didn't mean to do that" he just booked it out of the lot. IMHO that's an admission of guilt. Yes, the BAT is a big truck. Yes, men tend to drive trucks. But it's not my fault if he didn't look before he bashed. It's also not my fault he ran away. I won't stay away from the library, but I will certainly find the farthest out spot to park in next time.

Plain and simple, if you do something like that just say you're sorry. If it's a catastrophic, then do the right thing. Seriously. No one is in control of your actions but you. Do the right thing. Please? Make the world a better place. Besides, responsible is sexy.

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