Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday!

Ten Lines from the WIP... Cuz it's a WIP kind of day. So... (Digging in WIP)...how about this? Grin.

“Hold still and they won’t eat you.”

I dragged a breath into my burning lungs and took in my surroundings. Three men stood around me, two with their backs to me and one standing at my feet. I took another breath and let it out slowly, then glanced down at my body. Fuck me sideways, I was naked. Whatever they had me stretched out on, I had my arms spread open and my ankles in manacles. I didn’t bother to move my wrists. They probably had those in cuffs, too. I tipped my head to the man who had spoken to me.

“Hold very still. Pretend to be dead.” The man loosened the cuff around my ankle. A lock of his hair fell in his eyes and the muscle in his jaw worked overtime. He didn’t just release me from the bond, he caressed me.

“I don’t think this one is coming around,” he said. “He’s still pale.”

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