Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Moans - Make Me

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I love a white hot story and Make Me doesn't disappoint. It's hot and steamy and fun.

Make Me
M/F, Spanking, toys, BDSM
Razor's Edge Press
Available here soon!

A crop, some rope, a sweet little plug...just what she wants, and all she had to say was make me.

Dixie wanted out of the daily rut and a night to reconnect with her husband. What she got went far beyond her wildest dreams. Who knew a Tuesday night could be so white hot?

Now here's that moan!!

“You got farther than I thought.”

I screamed and whirled around. “Damn it.”

Zeke leaned against the doorframe and laughed. He jiggled the black pouch in his hand. “If you want this, you have to come here.”

I wasn’t the type of girl to take orders. Submission meant weakness in my book, and I refused to look weak. But I wanted that stupid pouch. Fuck.

“I can see it in your eyes. You want and yet you don’t.”

No shit. The vision of being stretched out across his lap having my ass reddened crossed my mind. I gasped, not out of irritation, but because the better part of me wanted him to do just that and more. I dug my nails into my thighs and stared at him a moment longer. He wanted submission?


Then again, how could I not submit to him? He embodied everything I wanted in a man. Towering at over six feet tall, thick hair the perfect shade of brown and lanky enough to droop over his forehead a little, perpetual five o’clock shadow, and those muscles. He spent enough time with the weights to stay toned and sexy as hell. Did I mention he was barefoot? Yeah, he was. He looked like he’d stepped out of a men’s fashion catalogue.

I’d submit, after I gave him some sass. I sucked in a ragged breath and crossed to his position at the door. “What do you want from me?”

He crooked one brow. “I want everything. Turn around.”

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