Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIP Wednesdays

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I figured that if I were going to change things up, then I'd go whole hog. Why not? So... today is WIP Wednesday. You're wondering, since you're reading this, what in the heck I've been up to and what's coming up.

Savage Protector is in. Woo hoo. I mean it. The story wore me out. I'm glad because I wanted Hans to get his say, but it's got things in there that might not jive with readers. I'm open to a sequel, just not sure HOW I'll do it.

The Christmas story is all in. Yep. Christmas Glow is in. Thank you dog. It's been in for a while, but it got sorted out which is good. Now if I could sort out where the stupid commas go...

So next on the agenda is to work on Tiger Lily, she's so deprived, and to work out a story with a character named Lennon who is a student of River from Permanent. Yeah, work that out. I'm still figuring. Grin.

Okay, I'm off to fill the cave of wonder with excitement...aka write in the bat cave.

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