Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Snoggin with a Work in Progress!!!

It's one of my favorite times of the week. Sunday Snoggin' Time!!! I thought this week, since Flash always begs me to post WIP stuff--especially with two hunks involved--I'd give in and post hot guys kissing. Check out the rest of the snogs on Victoria Blisse's site. You know you want to.

This is from an upcoming work, tentatively titled Savage Protector. It's my interpretation of Strong Hans. Grin. Now enjoy!!!

“What are you doing?”

Pietro popped the button on Hans’ jeans. “Attempting to help you recover.” He slid his hand under the denim and wrapped his fingers around Hans’ cock. “Am I helping?”

“Yeah,” Hans replied. His mouth ran dry and his dick pressed hard into his jeans. He grabbed the waist band of his pants and shoved. A streak of pain ricocheted down his ribs. “Fuck.”

“That can’t be from me doing a good job.” Pietro stood and tugged the legs of the jeans down Hans’ hips, leaving Hans bare. “Bastard bruised your ribs.”

“I’ll live.” He reached for Pietro. “Come here.”

Pietro settled at Hans’ side. Hans rolled enough to press his body to Pietro’s. His cock throbbed against the tent in Pietro’s pants. Hans captured Pietro’s mouth in a kiss. He tangled his tongue with his lover’s. He swallowed Pietro’s moans and shoved his fingers under Pietro’s shirt. Hans’ senses came alive. The scent of sweat and Pietro’s cologne curled around him. He tasted the tang of beer and mint gum on Pietro’s tongue.

Pietro broke the kiss but made his way down Hans’ body. He licked and kissed a path of fire on Hans’ neck and collar bone. Hans gulped. The tidal wave of feelings and new sensations overwhelmed him. He clutched at the blankets and pumped his hips. “I’m getting there.” Pietro laughed as he kissed Hans nipple. “You taste so good.”


Susan W. said...

Whew! Love the Snoggin'!

Victoria Blisse said...

Mmm, sexy snogs!