Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Delilah Devlin's She Shifters!

It's a blurb blitz!! For what? She Shifters: Lesbian Paranormal Erotica edited by Deliliah Devlin. Yeppers! Here's where you can follow the tour! So what's up for grabs for commenting? Delilah will be giving away the following prizes to randomly drawn commenters during the tour:

* a grand prize of $50
* Two print copies of the "Girls Who Bite" anthology, signed by Delilah Devlin (editor) - US/Canada only
* Digital copies of:
Christine d’Abo’s Dom for Sale
Sacchi Green’s Girl Fever (Kindle version only)
Adele Dubois The Crystal Altar
Delilah Devlin’s and Paisley Smith’s Bitten in the Big Easy
Paisley Smith’s Beguiled
Michael M. Jones’s Like A Cunning Plan: Erotic Trickster Tales

Here's the blurb!

Take a walk on the wild side…

Following the success of her ground-breaking Girls Who Bite: Lesbian Vampire Erotica, best-selling author Delilah Devlin and her contributors deliver another stunning collection.

Shapeshifters—beings both human and animal—ignite our imaginations with visions of primal passions and insatiable hungers. Most commonly seen as dark, masculine demons, these sixteen stories investigate shapeshifter myths from around the world, and add fur and claws to a fresh girl-on-girl blending of physical power and inescapable desires.

Embrace your wild child as you journey through worlds of unexpected delights with some of today’s hottest erotic romance authors, including Sacchi Green, Christine d’Abo, Adele Dubois and Myla Jackson. Fly atop the Tower of London in Paisley Smith’s “The Night Crow.” In Anna Meadows’ “Verde,” feel the burn of a hot Mexican summer. Experience the raw lash of a dragon’s tail in “Scorched Retribution,” then linger in the sensual delights of a furry convention in “She’s Furry Yiffy”.

Prepare to be embraced inside the warm, feathered wings of a phoenix, race through a rain forest morphing from tiger to kingfisher, and watch your lover surrender her seal’s pelt to walk hand-in-hand with you along a cold and lonely shore. In She Shifters, love comes running, slithering, flying—in all shapes of desire.

Delilah Devlin's one-of-a-kind She Shifters unleashes the wild creature inside us all!

And Now an Excerpt From “Bound in Bronze” by Chris Kouju:

“Fly with me,” she murmured, burying her face against the fur of my neck. “There is a lake where the sun shines on one end and the light of the moon on the other. Have you been there?”

“I have heard of it.” It is a pool no mortal has swam in, for the roots of the trees surround the borders of the lake, drinking deeply of its waters. Spirits resided in every branch.

“I wish to swim with you there,” she said into my ear, her fingers smoothing down my fur. “They say that any soul who bathes in the waters realizes their life’s purpose.”

“A double-edge blade,” I said. But I agreed.

I took to the air as a hornbill with wings as black as pearl, my beak the bright amber of the tiger. She shivered free of her human form and became a kingfisher, her wings flitting like leaves whipping in the wind. We soared between trees that touched the sky, the earth surging away beneath us.

She brushed against me first, feathers teasing my chest mid-flight before her smaller body dipped away. When she did it a third time, I shifted into a serpent eagle and playfully snapped my beak at her. Aryani gave off a sound like a laugh, blurred into the form of a swiftlet, and ducked beneath me. From there we circled each other, shifting, grazing each other even as we descended.

The game didn’t stop once we touched ground just short of the lake. She dropped to the grass as a clouded leopard, spotted tail lashing, head bent as if ready to pounce. I became a sun bear, my mark a blazing orange beneath the neck. With my curved claws, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. She shrank into a mouse deer and slipped free on tiny hooves. Over and over we changed shapes, reacting to each other, until we confronted each other as snake and mongoose.

We fell silent. I sank my serpentine head low, aware our choice of shapes could not be coincidence. And then the mongoose leaned forward to blatantly rub its face against mine. In shock, I shifted back to human, and so did Aryani.

Delilah Devlin is
an award-winning author of erotic romance with a rapidly expanding reputation for writing edgy stories with complex characters. Ms. Devlin has published over a hundred stories in multiple sub-genres and lengths with Atria/Strebor, Avon, Berkley, Black Lace, Cleis Press, Ellora’s Cave, Kensington, Kindle, Running Press, and Samhain Publishing.



Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for hosting the She Shifters authors today.

Rachel said...

This will be an interesting series, and a departure from my traditional reading. I like the outside the box approach.

Delilah Devlin said...

Thanks so much, Megan, for hosting me today!

Rachel! I love this book and the one before it, Girls Who Bite. More so because I sought stories that didn't feel like the same ole were-critter or vamp worlds I've read so many times. I asked writers to think outside the box, and they delivered truly unique stories. Even if lesbian stories aren't your preference, the paranormal elements will drag you in from the very first page!

Paisley Smith said...

Thanks for hosting Delilah and She-Shifters! The stories are so well written. It's hard for me to pick a favorite.

elaing8 said...

Great excerpt.Thanks for sharing.
Can't wait to read all the stories.

Mai said...

I'm so excited to read this! I love Delilah!


Shari Jung said...

Love the excerpt! Can't wait to get a copy of this book.


Mocha Princess Aurora said...

This book has me so excited ( and poor) ! Amazon HURRY UP!

Delilah Devlin said...

Elaing8! Each story is unique and intriguing. Every voice distinct. What's not to love about beautiful writing?

Mai! LOL! I love you too!

Shari! I hope you get to read it soon! It's a keeper.

Princess! I know the feelin'!

PaParanormalFan Renee said...

She-Shifters sounds like an excellent read & I will be adding it to my "to buy" list. Thank you for sharing the Great Excerpt.

Take Care & Stay Naughty,
PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)
paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com

marybelle said...

Every time I see the cover it's like WOW!! I'm game enough to take a walk on the wild side.


Delilah Devlin said...

PaParanormalFan! You're just the reader we want! Name says it all! :)

Marybelle! I know. It's very striking, isn't it? Scary almost, which I like.

Kathleen Tudor said...

The more times I see this cover, the more interested I am. Looking forward to it!

Deb Carter said...

As I continue on this tour my must read list and author to follow list gets bigger and bigger. Now to find time to read without losing time for writing.

Deb Carter said...

Again I forget my email. See brain is running faster than fingers today.


flchen1 said...

Great blurbs--thanks, DD and GoddessFish and Megan!

Delilah Devlin said...

Kathleen! The cover is very distinctive. And the stories are just as unique!

Deb! That's what's fun about collections--sampling all those unknown authors.

Fedora! Thanks so much, hon!

bn100 said...

Thanks for another nice excerpt.


Delilah Devlin said...

Thanks to everyone who posted last week! The winner of a free copy of Adele Dubois' THE CRYSTAL ALTAR (digital) is Marybelle! Congratulations, Marybelle! Adele should be in contact with you shortly about delivery of your prize!