Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Thursday!

It's WIP Thursday and I've got a few things to share. A few. A friend of mine said if I didn't stop the manic pace at which I've been writing I'll burn out. I don't want to admit she's right, mostly because that would mean I'd be arguing with characters who literally keep me awake at night telling me their stories. But in a way she is. Those characters who won't shut up are the ones making it hard to sleep. Yep. My brain is too full. I'm not complaining. Far from it. Just saying, I'm pooped.

So what's coming up for me?

Next week my fourth Glow book comes out. Here Without You will be available for your reading pleasure. Here's a little bit about the book and an excerpt because I'm feeling nice. Grin.

Here Without You
Number in Series: 4
Author: Megan Slayer
BIN: 05775-01851
Word Count: 21K
Page Count: 69
Price: $4.49
Release Date: June 22, 2012
Editor: Katriena Knights
Cover Artist: ReneƩ George
Genres: Erotic Romance, Novella, Action-Adventure/Suspense, BDSM
Themes: Gay

Love doesn’t always happen according to plan.

Some guys have all the luck and some guys love the pain. Slash Gunderson knows that feeling well. His place behind the drums for Glow is a dream come true. Can he accept his need for kink and the man who makes his heart beat?

Hiram Moline loves his job as the head of security for Glow. He’s also in love with Slash. There’s one major glitch -- someone has been sending Slash threatening letters. Hiram’s not about to let anything happen to Slash. Can he convince Slash they’ve got something strong before the stalker gets the upper hand?


“You don’t get it.” Hiram shifted his weight and moved his hands to Leo’s thighs.

“There are so many facets of Leo that you don’t see. I do. I see them. You think we just fuck… it’s more than that to me. You’ve got a strength I admire.”

Not five minutes earlier, Hiram had wanted to give Slash a swift kick in the ass. Now he saw the scared side of Leo. He wanted to kiss him and make things better, then give him a clap upside the head for being so thick. “I don’t do emotional. You know that. But you bring out something in me that wants to protect you.”

“You’re the security figure. You protect all of us. I’d be shocked if you didn’t.”

Hiram gritted his teeth. The man would be the death of him. “Come on. Let’s wash all that shit off you.” Hiram tugged Leo off the counter and led him to the bathroom. “I can’t talk to you when you’re smeared.”

“You don’t like…”

Hiram pressed Leo against the bathroom door and kissed the response from his mouth. Leo fought him for a moment, then softened beneath Hiram. He groaned and wrapped his arms around Hiram. Hiram groaned, and his cock twitched behind his zipper. Now this, being tangled up with Leo, this was what he needed. He rocked his hips, grinding his dick against Leo’s. The fame, the makeup, the image, none of it mattered to Hiram. He’d been delicate about his feelings for Leo. Maybe it was time to be blunt.

Hiram broke the kiss first. “Love the way you taste.” He brushed his nose against Leo’s. “I like to look at you, not that crap on your face. There’s a sexy man underneath all that stuff, and he turns me on.”

Phew! Talk about hot...yeah I like those men. So what else is happening? I've got the wolfie story that is a Glow Kid book 3/4 of the way done. I'm actually pretty excited about that. Moving on to Strong Hans next. MM yumminess. The next up is slated to be Tiger Lily's story. That's the plan anyway. With all that said, it's time for me to head to the bat cave. 3/4 isn't 4/4 and I'd like to get wolfie done soon. Enjoy and let me know what you think of the books!

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