Friday, June 29, 2012

WIP Thursday on Friday!

I'm hanging out over at the Menagerie Today, but first I thought I'd post the WIP Thursday post today. If you haven't commented on the Angels and Demons post yesterday, make sure you do. It's totally worth it!

So what's been happening and what's on the agenda. Grin. Lots!

I turned in the next Glow book, Wild Flower. It's still very paranormal, and very hot. In fact, there's a second story coming out of this one, too. A cousin who happens to be a wolf shifter wants his story told. Who am I to tell him otherwise? I'll keep you posted as to when Wild Flower comes out. Should be August from Changeling.

Speaking of sequels, I've got a Razor's Edge story coming out sometime soon called, Make Me. It's part of my Challenge Me series. The sequel, Show Me has been turned in and a third story, Take Me has been outlined as you read this. They are short stories, but packed with heat. Grin.

I keep saying I'm working on Tiger Lily's story from Forever Wicked: Always. I am, but I've had a couple of things that needed to go first. Call me quirky. Up first, my other Forever Wicked title, Strong Hans, which is tentatively being titled, Savage Protector. The guy wields a big hammer. Grin. That's happening first.

Then I've been given a task. Yes, a throw down. Stephanie Burke found a photo and she's tossed down the challenge. I'm rising to meet the challenge. There's no mistaking I love racing. Very much so. She's thrown down the idea, with the egging on of Cheryl Dragon, of me writing a paramedic and a NASCAR driver. Something in the MMF category. Grin. I'm so there. Want to see the picture? Sure!

I'll get back to Tiger Lily. Can't forget her. But a throw down is a throw down. Grin. I'm off to work on what's in the works and to attempt to make headway on stuff. Check out the Menagerie post, don't forget to vote for a hottie of the first half of the year, to comment on my Angels and Demons post, and to check out the hottie for tomorrow. Never a dull moment here!

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