Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Snoggin' with the Men from Permanent

This week's Sunday Snog is from Permanent. This was an emotional story for me because of the things River endured. I hope you enjoy the book, too. Here's a snog from River and Tory.

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Here's that snog!

Crimson spread over River’s cheeks. The muscles in his jaw tensed. “Make love to me, Tory. Please?”

“Yes.” Tory inched away from River long enough to rummage through the nightstand. “You’ve taken care of me. Let me learn you.” He tossed condoms and a bottle of lube onto the bed. “I did some hoping of my own.”

River’s eyes widened as Tory settled on his knees between River’s thighs. Tory ran his tongue along River’s sternum. River sighed and his gaze switched between the bed and Tory. “I didn’t know.”

“I don’t like to flaunt my sexuality…even though I’ve been with more than my share of men and women.” Tory slithered up River’s body. He stood and threaded his fingers behind River’s head. “And then a certain man with a penchant for charcoal dust and expensive handmade paper cemented things in my mind.” Fusing their lips, he tasted River and tangled their tongues in a sensual dance he never wanted to end. River’s fingers bit into Tory’s hips. Tory shivered. The feel of skin on skin, cock against cock, kicked his lust into another orbit. He grabbed River’s hand and wrapped it around his dick. He broke the kiss with a gasp. “Damn, that feels good.”

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