Thursday, May 10, 2012

WIP Thursday!!

News of note: Cock and Bull releases today!!! I'm excited and a little scared. This is the most on the edge thing I've written and I'm skeered to see what the readers think. It's raunchy good fun. Let me know what you think, though.

Here's the blurb for Cock and Bull:

After two years as an exotic male dancer-slash-fetish entertainer, Flynn's ready for his last night at the Randy Stallion Men's Club to be over, but someone's got a surprise in store for him.

More than one someone.

Can Flynn handle the heat, or will it burn him alive? Anything is possible in the club.

Available here!!

In other news, I turned in another Razor's Edge story, this one entitled, Make Me. Husband, wife, bdsm good time. Raunchy, but with respect. Grin. Gotta have the respect.

Slash and Hiram's story has been turned in. It's all good and hopefully the cover art faery will stop by my house soon so I can show you the awesomeness. :-)

I'm halfway through the short story/free read that's going to Total-E-Bound for the July newsletter. Griffin and Tina from Permanent are getting their story. It's short and hot, but hey, sometimes short and hot is just what the doctor ordered.

Once I get that short done, I'll dive headlong into the Glow Kids book. Yep. The Glow Kids. It's for the Christmas Collection at Changeling Press. I'm excited. Pixie and Nitro have been a blast so far.

I've got a couple more ideas in my head, but I'd like to end the post before it turns into a novel on its own.

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Shadow Sterling said...

This is an early post but I just wanted to say “Thank You” for letting me be included in your Hop Against Homophobia. I am afraid I am not a talent m/m fiction writer like yourself but I am an avid reader of it.

I guess I do not fit into any category really since I write non-fiction for an adult studio.

But this is a cause I feel strongly about and I wanted to let you know I appreciate the opportunity to be included.