Thursday, May 24, 2012

WIP Thursday ~ ON Time!!!

I know you're shocked. I'm getting my stuff together and managed to post this on time. I'm pretty proud of myself, actually.

So what's on the menu these days? Plenty.

Here Without You releases next month. It's the fourth of the Glow band books. Hiram and Slash get to tell their story. Here's the blurb:

Love doesn't always happen according to plan.

Some guys have all the luck and some guys love the pain. Slash Gunderson knows that feeling well. His place behind the drums for Glow is a dream come true. Can he accept his need for kink and the man who makes his heart beat?

Hiram Moline loves his job as the head of security for Glow. He's also in love with Slash. There's one major glitch -- someone has been sending Slash threatening letters. Hiram's not about to let anything happen to Slash. Can he convince Slash they've got something strong or will the stalker get the upper hand?

I'm really excited about it coming out.

What's up next?

The wolf story. Yep. I'm writing a wolf. He's next. It's a spin-off of the Glow books. Can't let those crazy characters go.

I'm trying to pace myself a bit, but sometimes it's hard.

Anyway, I'm heading out to work on the wolfie.

If you haven't checked out the Love Hangover Contest, you should. It's very cool. :-)

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