Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunday Snoggin' With Zac and Atria

Sunday Snoggin' is one of my favorite times of the week. Why? Hot Kisses and Excerpts, that's why! Always so much fun! So what do I have up here for a snog? Why an excerpt fromFire Woman (and yes, that is the Cult in my head, why do you ask?). Why don't you read along!

Contemp, paranormal, m/f
Glow Book One
Available here from Changeling Press!

She's everything he needs...if he can withstand the burn! Atria Moline isn't your average photographer. She controls fire. Sounds fun, being able to scorch whenever you like? Think again. She's lonely and desperate for the touch of the man who can dance in her flame -- if she doesn't immolate him first.

Zac "Iceman" Frost controls the stage with his band Glow. He's not about to back down from Atria's challenge. He's got secrets of his own and his sights set on her.


She slapped again. “Hate you!”

Firm hands grasped her wrists. “Attie.”

Blinking, she took in the room around her. Instead of the cloudy, gray muddle of her dream, the bedroom became clearer. Chocolate brown walls ringed with stark white baseboards. A gigantic mirror filled the space above the bed. A shadow blocked the light from the lamp.


Zac. She touched the outline of her palm print on his cheek. Embarrassment and shame filled her brain. Of all the people to try to harm her, he wasn’t one of them.

“You’ve got one hell of a right hook when you want to get a guy’s attention.”

She forced a snort. “Yeah.”

“Did you dream about him? Like we were… about to make love, but he showed up?” He grasped her palm and kissed the tender skin. “Would you hate me if I said I wanted to?”

“Make love? Now?” she whispered. Yes, she wanted to know every square inch of his body and feel him moving within her. Niccolo and his stupid commands be damned.

Propped on one elbow, Zac cradled her body tight against his and rubbed his nose along her cheek. “I’ve wanted to kiss you since the moment Luc brought you to the studio.”

“Me?” Her voice squeaked. Great. Way to sound confident. With him so close, she saw not only the blue in his eyes, but the rings of azure blending with white streaks along his pupil. A girl could get lost in such a brilliant palette of color. “That’s why I brought you to my most sacred place. The dog likes you, I’m hooked on you. Works for me, now kiss me.” Zac blotted out any response she could come up with and lowered his lips to hers. She opened to him, licking along his bottom lip and tangling her tongue with his.

“Lay back,” he murmured.

Atria did as he asked, but she didn’t take her gaze off him. The whole scene, him there with her, him interested in her -- it had to be a dream. “Zac?”

“Hush.” Kisses fluttered along her inner thigh. “Enjoy.”

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