Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Turn to Chime In...

I've been reading the posts on homophobia and the definition of marriage. While this is a tad early for the Hop Against Homophobia, I feel it has to be said.

I've always been told to love the person, not the action. I don't totally agree. Why? Saying homosexuality it a thing the person is being isn't fair. I fully believe homosexuality isn't a choice it's part of who the person is. So Loving the person is loving what they are.

I'm a girl and people don't not love me because of that. So love the person and who they are.

Now it's become quite popular to come out on either side of the marriage issue. I'm sadly going to jump on the bandwagon of coming out on a side, but not because it's popular. It's because its what I feel I need to do.

I have family members on both sides who are gay. One is a male couple and the other is a female couple. One couple is married and the other has been in a committed relationship longer than I've been married. Do they deserve the same rights as my DH and I?


No ifs, ands, or buts. They deserve the same rights as anyone else. I'm thrilled the individuals in both couples found that person to complete them. That's hard to find no matter what sex you are.

In the case of my cousin, she's not the most conventional looking person (Neither am I for that matter). Shaved head. Piercings. Doesn't her a bad person, just colorful. She found the one person to make her shine and so happy she could burst. That's huge. In the case of my other cousin, on DH's side, he's been with the same man for as long as I can remember. College sweethearts, I believe. Seeing them together is sticky sweet because what they have is real. I'm glad both couples are just that, couples.

As far as I'm concerned, if you can live together for years and call each other life partners no matter what the sex, then that should be it. The sex shouldn't matter--in terms of the people in the relationship. I don't believe man should marry goat. Mostly because that's gross. But man should be able to marry anyone he so chooses. Same thing for woman.

The president supports same sex marriage and frankly, so do I. I'm married and guess what? It's happy sometimes, rough others, and well if anyone wants to jump into that whirlwind... go for it. I support the right for two men, two women, a man and a woman, a woman who wants to be a man and a man, etc to marry and live their lives happily together.

Go for it. You have my blessing.


Tina B said...

I completely agree with you! It does not matter to me who marries whom. As long as people are happy, who are we to say? Besides, people are getting divorced all the time now anyway, so what is the big deal? In my opinion, we are supposed to be a free country, so why not give them that freedom?

Megan Slayer said...

You got it, Tina. I totally agree. :-) Thanks for stopping by!