Thursday, April 12, 2012

WIP Thursday!

I'm up to my eyeballs in work. It's a good thing, but up to my eyeballs. I'll give you a bulleted list. Why not? Bulleted lists are fun.

* Always releases tomorrow. Now I don't know about you, but I'm stoked that it's finally coming out. Why? I love Peter Pan and having him as a Dom is FABULOUS! Oh and have you seen the cover art? It's the BOMB! Get your copy!

* I've got my contribution to the Love is a Write Thing on the MM Goodreads group almost done. There's so much to do for it and I'm a little overwhelmed. A little. But the story is done. That's a plus. Should be turning it in today.

* Hiram and Slash are talking and Slash told me his real name isn't Slash. It's Leo. He's a total sub, but struggling with it. He thinks submissiveness means weakness. Hiram is about to tell him otherwise. There's just a matter of a fan letter with white powder all over it and an overzealous band manager who has decided the significant others belonging to the band aren't allowed in the studio (not that they have been other than Tallulah because Luc and Zac wanted her there) or on the tour with them (and the only reason Tay, Tallulah, and Atria come along is because they are the collective muses for the band) or as security (which pisses off Hiram because he's the head of security and likes keeping an eye on his siblings). Yeah, it's a cluster and about to get worse.

* I've got an idea for a Christmas short for Changeling concerning the Glow Kids but I have to get it approved. Hey, there are rules and I must follow them. No this is not me complaining. Rules are there for a reason. :-) So i'll keep you posted.

Over and out!

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