Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Review for Believe!

Believe got a review. Seems the same thread keeps coming up. People want to know what happened BEFORE the story. Can't say as I blame them. I know them, though, so I know. But I understand. So no, it's not a sequel to anything, but I thought it was a cute story to go on its own. Here's what Lototy, over at Coffee Time had to say:

The sparks that fly when Chase and Raylan get together are better than any fireworks show. They have the same fears and the same dreams, so it makes it really easy to feel the connection they share. However I do kind of feel like this could be a sequel to another story, in that Chase and Raylan are already a couple when this story begins, but even so, this is a very fun read. Ms. Slayer gives great voice to her characters, and you will fall for every one of them.

Not to shabby. :-) Want to read the full review? Click here.
Want a copy of Believe? Click here or the cover.

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