Thursday, February 16, 2012

WIP Thursday and a Reveal!!!

I jumped off the cliff this week. I wrote something that one called pure trash. I jumped the shark and wrote a purely erotica piece. Yep. Purely erotic. Yes, there's a HEA (I can't not write one) and yes, there's love. Gotta have love. But it's HAWT. Will it be accepted? I have no idea. Honestly, it was a challenge I accepted to write it and it was written out of sheer fun. I hope that fun shines through. We'll see.

I also sent out Pan - now titled, Always - out to the editor. Will it be picked up? I have no idea. It's another story I love. Writing Wendy as a sub was a lot of fun. Peter the Dom. Shivers. Let's hope this one makes the cut as well.

As for what's next... I'm working on plans for the next Glow book. BUT!!! OOH!!!! I have a cover to reveal! My friend and crit partner and well, I just love her... Marteeka Karland created this. If you don't love it, you're dead. It's fantastic.

I give you: Down to Earth

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