Friday, February 17, 2012

Where Will Wendi and I Be?

We thought we'd make this easier for everyone. Make a day of the Week to post what's coming up. I'm thinking this will be Friday here, but that's subject to change. Who knows. Anyway... Here's what's coming up!

2/15-2/22 Wendi and Megan are both taking part in the Naughty After Dark Blog Hop:
Prizes include pdfs from our back lists, so comment early and often!

2/19 Wendi’s part of the Sunday Snog on Victoria Blisse’s blog:
Wendi will be featuring her latest work, Over My Head.

2/20 Megan has a guest blog up on The Romance Studio’s Rainbow Studio blog:

2/21 Wendi will be hanging out with Lacey Wolfe at her blog:
Wendi will be featuring Mindy from her recent novella, Someone Like You.

2/22 Wendi and I will be featuring our choices for the Weekly Hotties on our blogs. Here's the link to Wendi's blog:

2/23 Megan will be taking part all day in a release party on the Romance Studio:

ALSO on 2/23 Wendi will have a guest blog up on The Romance Studio: TRS Blue:

2/24 Megan will have her weekly post up on the Menagerie Authors blog:

2/25 the Saturday Hottie will be up on the Menagerie Authors blog, as chosen by ME!!

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