Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Snog ... Fallen!

It's time for the Snog! Yep. And I love a good snog. So if you want to read a few more, here's the link to Victoria Blisse's blog. Check 'em out, AFTER you read mine!

Here's my contribution:

Changeling Press
contemp, paranormal, m/f, light bdsm
Available here!

Livia was cast out of heaven for the crime of falling in love with a human. So what's a fallen angel to do when she meets the man of her dreams? Falling certainly has its perks.

Ty didn't expect the angel at his party to be fallen or to have a murky past. He also didn't expect her to end up in his arms. Now he's not about to let the past stand in the way of their future.

And now for the SNOG!

“Odd. For a moment, I thought you took your wings off.”
She glanced at the mirror. By God, they were back and at full luster. “Stranger things have been known to happen.” She’d explain what she knew later. “I guess they wanted to be visible for a while longer.”
“Strange doesn’t bother me. I’ve got more of an open mind than I realized.” He stood and pulled her up against him. “On you, they look beautiful.”
“Flatterer.” Livia ran her hands up and down his chest. “You can keep going.”
“I intend to.” Ty fused his mouth to hers and threaded his fingers into her hair. Despite the clothing between them, his cock throbbed against her pussy. She moaned and wriggled her hips. The contrast of his hard body against hers felt like heaven. Like what she’d been looking for.
Ty released his grip on her hair and scooped her into his arms. Drunk on his kiss, she wrapped her legs around his waist. He walked across the room, and she gasped at the coolness on her back and wings.
“Can’t wait.”