Friday, January 20, 2012


don't know about where you are, but it's freaking cold and snowy where I am. And if you know much about me... then you know I HATE snow. I do. Why? It's a pain to drive in when others around you forget how to drive in it. The gas pedal isn't always your friend in snow. And just because you have four wheel drive doesn't make you invincible. Promise. It doesn't. One more thing, please don't text/phone/check email/brush your hair/put on mascara/etc when driving in snow. I happened to be going to the store yesterday morning and there was a person next to me at the stop light who was texting. I'm not sold on it, but this person was stopped. The light turned green. Instead of tossing the phone on the passenger seat and going, this person kept texting. And this person had a small person in the car with them! I'm sorry. That's dangerous! Geez!!

Okay, fine. I'll step down from my soap box. Sorry. Now for the warm up part. I found these pics and well, they warmed me right up.


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