Thursday, May 26, 2011


Yessir, that's right, I sold Permanent to Total-E-Bound. I'm psyched. Not sure when it will come out, but hey, I'm stoked. Feels good knowing it was good enough that an editor wanted it.

More details to come, but here's the blurb:

Sometimes love just ain’t enough...

River Cortland trusted the person he loved. His faith couldn’t protect him from the bitter sting of a cold-hearted Domme. If he’s going to learn to trust again, he’s got to deal with his past. His roommate and best friend, Tory, has seen the physical damage and hasn’t walked away. Can he deal with the emotional scars as well?

Tory McClellan wanted the carefree life...until one night with River changed everything. There’s more to the shy art teacher and Tory wants to know everything-how he tastes, the scent of his skin, the feel of his body as they make love. What terror lies behind River’s brown eyes? Better yet, how can Tory make the sadness go away and be in River’s live, permanently?

Contains flashbacks of a rape, m/m, anal sex, light bondage, spanking.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011's making me crazy!

Wendi was a doll and helped me out when I needed a break. Yup, every once in a while, you gotta let the frustration out (or deal with the PMS as the boys call it)... so I did and she posted a lovely man pic. I'm going to return the favor, since I got absolutely no writing done today.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Fridays at the Menagerie!!!

Hanging out at the Menagerie talking about the Lori Foster Reader/Author Get Together. Come on over!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

WIP Thursdays

Not much has been going on. Alright, that's not totally the truth. In all fairness, the story came back. News wasn't good--not totally. Editor liked the idea, but not the execution. Honestly, I want to say I saw it coming. (I didn't.) I want to say I took the news with grace. (I did more than I expected.)

I'll just plain admit, upon first reading of the editor's email to me, I cried. Yeah, I did. I mean, that was my baby--so to speak--and I wanted it to soar, not fall flat. Upon second reading (which was about ten minutes later--gotta give myself some time to rebound) I decided, yanno, she wouldn't say, look, do this and send it back to me if there wasn't a kernel there (I love how Moni Draper put that--a kernel). Something must've caught the editor's eye enough for her to put her thoughts on the email page and to tell me, do this and let's try it again.

I once had this convoluted idea that editors somehow got off on rejecting manuscripts. I'd probably heard the sob stories from one too many authors or wannabe authors. Who knows. But I thought the editors didn't really want stories.

I was wrong.

If the editor is worth his/her salt, then they'll be honest with you. If you turn in something with merit that needs a polish, they will see it. Some are super overbooked and might not be able to give it the care in the initial assessment phase, but most will. Those who send you back a letter saying, thanks, but no thanks. Well, it must not have fit what they wanted. So? If they send it back and say, no thanks, but do this: ... then they saw something. If they send it back and a contract is included...well you get the idea.

Anyway, after I gave myself the time to pout, I got to work. I got back on the horse, nagged Kealie until she wanted to swat me, and got the revision done. Will editor want it? No clue. Do I have my fingers crossed? Absolutely. It's a tough road to publication and I'm determined to go down it.

Wish me luck.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Take Me Home!!!

Want to read a saucy male-male story? Then you're in the right place. Click the cover and you can read my free read Take Me Home. I love these characters and hope you enjoy them, too. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WIP Thursdays

I love WIPs. I do. Why? Because it seems like, WIPs breed WIPs. Yup. Just like cautions breed cautions in NASCAR. As soon as one idea starts percolating, then another sprouts from it. I've been working on the Elemental story (and yes, they've informed me that they are Elementals, not elementals. Elementals are in charge of their element; elementals are simply people. That's their explanation and they're sticking to it.) So the heroine from the main story (or the first story), her brother, who is in the first story, has told me his story. I knew he was gay, and I knew who he was with...but man...they guy is hurting. I can't wait to get his story from the notebook to the computer.

Still no word on the boys. When I know, you'll know. That's the news of the nation. More later. I'll be at the Menagerie tomorrow and I've got the hottie all planned on the Menagerie for Saturday. Come on back and check him out!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Stud

Ain't he a purty one? I say someone (possibly me) should give his britches a tug? Thoughts? Dares?