Thursday, December 29, 2011

WIP Thursday!

This is going to be a drive-by kind of post. I'm neck deep in about three different projects. So what's going on?

* The next in the Glow Band Series - Down to Earth - with Ike and Tallulah Brown, has been turned in. Don't know what the verdict is yet, but it's in. For me that's pretty good.

* I'm starting the final Glow Band book - untitled as of yet - with Slash and Hiram. You didn't think I'd leave Hiram out? Never.

* I'm working on a short story of Total-E-Bound. Should be out, oh, in June/July-ish. It'll be a free read, so you'll have to keep the peepers peeled.

* Permanent came out early - Merry Christmas to me! - which is great. So excited. But that means I have to get ready for the Permanent tour. Yep. That's in January, as well as a multi-author, MM tour taking place in just a few days. I'll post info as soon as I have a banner! There's a lot up for grabs, that much I do know.

Time to get back to Hiram and Slash as well as the blog posts for the tour! Have a good one!!

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