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WIP Thursday!

This is going to be a drive-by kind of post. I'm neck deep in about three different projects. So what's going on?

* The next in the Glow Band Series - Down to Earth - with Ike and Tallulah Brown, has been turned in. Don't know what the verdict is yet, but it's in. For me that's pretty good.

* I'm starting the final Glow Band book - untitled as of yet - with Slash and Hiram. You didn't think I'd leave Hiram out? Never.

* I'm working on a short story of Total-E-Bound. Should be out, oh, in June/July-ish. It'll be a free read, so you'll have to keep the peepers peeled.

* Permanent came out early - Merry Christmas to me! - which is great. So excited. But that means I have to get ready for the Permanent tour. Yep. That's in January, as well as a multi-author, MM tour taking place in just a few days. I'll post info as soon as I have a banner! There's a lot up for grabs, that much I do know.

Time to get back to Hiram and Slash as well as the blog posts for the tour! Have a good one!!

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Merry Christmas!!!

Taking a couple days off bloggin' cuz it's the holidays and well, we all deserve to have a great day filled with warmth, friends, family, and fun!

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Stocking Stuffing and The Need to Believe in Horny Snowmen?

I'm blogging about Horny Snowmen and my upcoming novella Believe over at Whipped Cream Guests as Part of the Stuff Your Stockings With Books Blog-fest. Come check it out. There's a $5 Gift card to Changeling Press up for grabs. Click the banner to get there or click here.

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Sunday Snoggin' with The Air I Breathe

ISBN: 978-1-60521-728-4
Word Count: 17K
Page Count: 56
Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 9, 2011
Editor: Katriena Knights
Cover Artist: ReneƩ George
Genres and Themes: Erotic Romance; Novella; Paranormal; Magic; BDSM; Gay and Lesbian

Sometimes the one who drives you the craziest is the very one you can't live without.

When Taygan walked, Luc thought he'd never see his best friend again. That's fine. Luc's busy with his band, Glow, and isn't really interested in having a love life. There's just one small glitch. He's lonely without Tay, and his pride can't take losing him again. It's up to Luc to decide, but can he live with his decision?

Taygan thought he could handle his element and have a permanent relationship with Luc -- until the need to follow the wind element took over. But being away from Luc is killing Tay's element. To make things worse, Luc's not waiting around for Tay any longer. What’s a guy to do when his lover is the very air he breathes?

And now for some snoggin'!

Luc silenced him with a kiss. Tay sighed and melted into the fire in the connection. Luc slipped one hand between their bodies and wrapped his fingers around Tay’s erection. “This tells me you love this. I want to hear it.”

“Goddess,” Tay moaned. Wisps of air swirled around him. “Yes, I love it.”

Luc arranged Tay’s legs over his, balls to balls, cocks tangling together. More breeze whipped around Tay and rustled Luc’s hair. “Then let’s indulge. Embrace what we have.” He grabbed one of Tay’s hands and placed it under his. “Like this. I want to feel you surrounding me with your element.”

Each stroke resonated down into Tay’s core. His balls throbbed against Luc’s. Heat from Luc’s body filled Tay and buoyed his spirits. Not only his strength, but his element increased. He ground his hips into Luc’s pelvis. The intimacy of the act struck Tay. They’d played plenty of times, but this was something more sacred and earthy. He drew in a long breath of air and held it until his lungs burned. The swirling air strengthened to a brisk wind and blew Tay’s hair off his face. Luc’s sandalwood scent wafted around Tay like a caress.

“I don’t know how you do this, but you make me so crazy.” Luc groaned and thrust his fingers into Tay’s hair, tugging him closer. “I can feel you inside me, like this is how it’s supposed to be -- one heart, one deep love. There’s no one else in the world, just us.” Gentle nibbles turned to rough kisses. Luc thrust his tongue in and out of Tay’s mouth as if they were having sex. 

Tay sighed. He loved how Luc’s words worked perfectly for song lyrics.

The curtains flapped, and the ends of the towel flipped over. Cups fell off the counter with a melodic plink, plink, plink. Tay wrapped his legs tighter around Luc and whimpered. He needed this -- needed the domination with a sprinkle of pain, needed to know where he belonged and just how much he meant to Lucien, needed the words of love. 

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Sexual Heat By Lisabet Sarai

I was wondering what to write for my guest post here, so I brought up Megan's blog to see what sort of content she normally features. (I mostly know Megan's alter ego, Wendi Zwaduk, but Wendi assured me I'd love her evil twin!) I have to admit that I can definitely relate to someone whose blog title line is “Too Hot to Handle”. And imagine my surprise to discover that like me, Megan has a recent book about Fire Elementals. (I guess the old saying about great minds must be true...)

Anyway, that coincidence inspired me to write about the concept of sexual heat.

Heat is possibly the most common metaphor for discussing sex. Many publishers rate the sexual intensity or explicitness of their books by counting flames. Total-E-Bound, the publisher Megan and I share, labels its books as “sizzling”, “burning” or “melting”. “Steamy”, “scalding”, “seething”, “blazing”, “searing” - we use all sorts of fire- and heat-related words to try and capture the fundamentally indescribable experience of making love.

But why? Most of the time, sex isn't literally hot (although I do recall one incendiary coupling under the baking sun in the sand of the Colorado desert, and another in the backseat of a Chevy during a summer heat wave where my skin actually got burned by the metal door handle). Warm, often - nothing feels better than crawling under the covers with my honey on a frigid winter night. Definitely sweaty – even in December! Yet when I think back to my most cherished sexual experiences, I remember texture, tastes, scents, in the physical realm, giddy joy or breathless tension as psychological correlates. Not particularly the heat.

So where does the connection originate? Why do we seem to think that sex is like fire?

Well, I have some thoughts. Like fire, sex is powerful and difficult to control. When set loose, lust can consume everything in its path: rationality, responsibility, even morality. Just as fire is used to refine metal, burning away the impurities, sexual desire strips away our illusions and reduces us to our core, animal selves. Sex is simultaneously nurturing and dangerous, tempting and terrifying – just like fire. And like fire, it has a sort of mystery. One can spend hours staring into the flames dancing on the hearth, fascinated by the ebb and flow of the light. I've devoted more than four decades to exploring the multitudinous facets of desire, and still can't claim to fully understand it.

I wrote a short story once (erotica, not erotic romance) about a man with a fire fetish. He's aroused by burning buildings. Eventually he turns to arson as a way to satisfy his sexual cravings. Extreme? Perhaps, but plausible enough that I could imagine the thrill as the charred beams collapsed and a fountain of sparks rained down on my naked skin.

My recent release Hot Spell plays with the sexiness of fire. In fact, the tagline is: The flames of passion are more than a metaphor. Here's the blurb:

The city swelters in the grip of an unseasonable heat wave. Sylvie endures her solitary urban existence for the sake of her career, but the prospect of a hot, lonely three day weekend proves unbearable and she flees east to the pine-shrouded mountains. Far more at home in nature than in the city, Sylvie doesn't mind being alone in the wilderness, but she's not the only being haunting the glades and the trails.

Aidan is fiercely attracted to the voluptuous beauty he finds sun bathing nude in a high meadow, but he must resist his overwhelming desire for the sake of her safety. The sun-bronzed man with the red-gold hair is cursed with power he knows will destroy her if they give full rein to their passion. Can Sylvie refrain from tempting him? Or will she risk being being literally consumed by love?

I think the first page maybe the hottest (literally) thing I've ever written.

He came to her in dreams first, conjured by the sweltering night.

Naked, she tossed in her sweat-damp sheets, drifting in and out of uneasy slumber. The muggy air settled on her skin, a stifling blanket she couldn’t kick off. Like a physical weight, humidity pinned her to the mattress. The feeble breeze coming through the open window offered no relief. If anything, it was warmer than the air in her bedroom, carrying with it all the heat that had been trapped in the concrete and asphalt during the day.

Her limbs were leaden. A dull ache pounded behind her forehead. When sleep overtook her, she found herself wandering barefoot on empty, baking sidewalks. The sun’s relentless glare reflected down upon her from the glass-walled towers on either side. Rivulets of perspiration trickled down her spine but failed to cool her. Her skin felt scorched, ready to crack and peel.

Then the dream changed. The oppressive brightness faded to sultry shadow. Flesh, not air, weighed upon her. Smooth, hot skin, slick with sweat, slid against her own. Strong legs tangled with hers, easing her thighs apart. Fingers of fire skittered across her breasts and danced in her sex, kindling incendiary pleasure. A scalding tongue licked its way to the hollow of her throat, then returned to seal her mouth with a steamy kiss.

He tasted of mulled wine, melted chocolate, cinnamon and cayenne. A sharp tang of ozone hung around them—the smell of summer storms. Lightning crackled wherever he touched her. She ran her hands down his muscled back to his firm, full buttocks, marvelling at the power she sensed in him. Her palms tingled and stung at each contact, as though she’d been slicing chillies. The strange sensation added to the pleasure simmering in her pussy.

She pressed her fevered body against his, trapping his erect cock between them. Hard against her belly, his rigid organ felt like a bar of steel fresh from the furnace. Every searing instant made her want him more. They writhed together, sparks of scarlet and gold whirling around them. Her clit was a live ember. When he brushed his cock over the swollen nub, she burst into flames.

Climax raced through her, a conflagration of pleasure that burned but did not consume her. As she convulsed in his arms, he plunged into her depths, impaling her on a pillar of fire. Another orgasm flared—exquisite delight and unbearable heat. Then he was coming, too, in a blistering, fiery flood. She felt herself kindle, char, crumble to ash. She had no regrets.

So what do you think? Hot enough for you?

I want to thank Megan for the chance to visit here, and to invite you to leave a comment. I'll give a free copy of Hot Spell to some lucky reader who shares his or her thoughts about sexual heat or my excerpt. Please include your email address in your comment, so I can find you if you're the winner!

Here's a little more about Lisabet!
A dozen years ago Lisabet Sarai experienced a serendipitous fusion of her love of writing and her fascination with sex. Since then she has published three single author short story collections and six erotic novels, including the classic RAW SILK. Dozens of her shorter works have been released as ebooks and in print anthologies. She edited the acclaimed anthologies SACRED EXCHANGE and
CREAM and is currently responsible for the altruistic erotica series COMING TOGETHER PRESENTS. In addition, she reviews erotica and erotic romance for the Erotica Reades and Writers Association ( and Erotica Revealed ( websites.

Lisabet holds more degrees than anyone needs from prestigious universities who would no doubt be embarrassed by her chosen genre. She loves to travel and currently lives in Southeast Asia with her highly tolerant husband and two cosmopolitan felines. For more information on Lisabet and her writing visit Lisabet Sarai's Fantasy Factory ( or her blog Beyond Romance (

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White Hot Christmas Party!!

I've got a contest and a great party for you to check out!!

Buy any White Hot Christmas (WHC) story during the month of December and you're automatically entered to win. Every purchase of a WHC counts as a contest entry.
Winners for the FREE Books for a Year will be announced December 31st at the Changeling New Year’s Eve Party, held on the Changeling Press Readers’ Loop.

the Fine Print:
Get your entries in before the CONTEST is over!
First Round winners and Finalists are eligible to win more than one prize .Winners will be chosen from purchasers of books in the Changeling Press White Hot Christmas Series; each WHC e-book purchase made in the month of December 2011 before the final prizes are announced, counts as an entry. Prizes are available as Changeling Press E-books, to be downloaded from only. Free e-book download links do not accumulate, and will expire if not used.

And if you want more than a simple taste of the stories, then check this out:
Over at the Goddess Fish Party Pavilion, there's a gigantic White Hot Christmas Party!!! Come celebrate with us! All the WHC authors will be there, posting excerpts, fun posts and other stuff. So come on, let's celebrate!

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The Air I Breathe - Out Today!!!

The Air I Breathe
Megan Slayer
changeling press
contemp, m/m, anal sex, paranormal, bdsm, shibari

Sometimes the one who drives you the craziest is the very one you can't live without.

When Taygan walked, Luc thought he'd never see his best friend again. That's fine. Luc's busy with his band, Glow, and isn't really interested in having a love life. There's just one small glitch. He's lonely without Tay, and his pride can't take losing him again. It's up to Luc to decide, but can he live with his decision?

Taygan thought he could handle his element and have a permanent relationship with Luc -- until the need to follow the wind element took over. But being away from Luc is killing Tay's element. To make things worse, Luc's not waiting around for Tay any longer. What's a guy to do when his lover is the very air he breathes?


Luc fiddled with the buttons on the stereo. What kind of music was appropriate for a business meeting about backing tracks? Having his music in the background seemed almost too pompous and too close to a date. He sighed and stared blankly at the selections. Nothing really grabbed his attention. With Tay he knew just what to do -- grab the guitar and let the music flow into new material. Brennan wasn't really a date. They were barely friends, and Luc wasn't interested in anything more. Who knew when Tay would blow back into his life, and for how long? Luc glanced over his shoulder. At least Brennan being in the bathroom gave him time to dick around with the CDs.
Behind Luc, the doorbell rang. "What the fuck?" He frowned and made his way across the room. Who the hell... He peeked through the security window, and his breath wrenched from his body. He glanced at the bathroom again. Brennan, wide smile on his lips and a sparkle in his green eyes, strolled into the living room.
Well, fuck. "Just a moment." Luc turned back to the door and twisted the knob. Instead of giving Taygan a chance to talk, Luc stepped out onto the porch and closed the door. "You're here? Why are you here?"
Not displaying his usual bravado, Taygan picked at his jacket zipper. "Luc, I need to talk to you."
"I've got company."
"Who?" Tay's blue-eyed gaze snapped to Luc's. Tay seemed thinner, sadder. His cheeks weren't as full, and his skin was dull, like he hadn't slept in... years.
"Who I am dating isn't your business," Luc snapped. He had to stay firm with Taygan, but something about the man called to something deep down in his soul. "Tay."
"But you're not supposed to be dating anyone. You're supposed to..." Tay shut his mouth. "Never mind." He put both hands in the air and shook his head. "This isn't how things are supposed to be."
"Supposed to be what? Me sitting on my ass waiting for you? Still? I'm sorry. Christmas was everything I wanted but you burned me and the bridge. My heart's not strong enough to put up with you. I said it before and I'll say it again -- goodbye, Taygan."
"Luc. Wait." The sound was little more than a whisper crossed with a cry. "Does he love you?"
Luc whipped around and folded his hands behind his head. The urge to slap some sense into Tay crossed Luc's mind. Violence wasn't the answer. "What part didn't you get? I'm not a yo-yo. And no, I have no idea if he loves me." I don't want him to love me.
Taygan hung his head and sat down hard on the step. "Then hear me out. I won't walk away even though I want to. I'll stand here, on your porch, until you give me a moment. I can't go even if I wanted to."
Luc snorted and dropped his hands. "You're certifiable."
"You don't get it." Taygan looked up at Luc over his shoulder. "I can't walk away this time."
Can't? What the hell? As much as Taygan drove Luc to the brink, a part of his heart always belonged to the breezy air elemental. Come to think of it, he hadn't felt the slightest bit of Tay's air swirling around him. Luc sat down next to Tay and bumped his shoulder. "Why?"
"Can I at least tell you inside?" Taygan's teeth chattered. "I'm really... cold."
"In front of Brennan? Sure," Luc snapped. Cold? He hesitated before putting his hand on Tay's cheek, stroking the chilled skin with his thumb. Taygan was cold -- really cold. Air elementals did adapt to the air around them, but this... this wasn't just adaptation.
"Who is this?"
Luc opened his mouth, but stayed quiet. Go figure Brennan would choose the right moment to make himself known.
Taygan thrust out a trembling hand. "Brennan, I assume?"
The blond man stomped down the steps. "You assume correctly. Luc, a word?"
Luc closed his eyes and his jaw tightened. "One moment." He stood and put his hand on Tay's chilly shoulder. "Don't -- don't go anywhere."
Luc followed Brennan into the house and pushed the door most of the way closed. "Brennan."
"You feel sorry for that shit. Still." Brennan forked his fingers into his hair. "I -- I gave you a chance. I don't give chances."
"Please." Luc rolled his eyes. "You think you know everything. Besides, it wasn't like this was a date. You came to get the sheet music for the new songs."
"I know a lot more than you think." Brennan nodded sharply at the door and flexed his hand, creating a fist. "He's here, and you're not throwing him out so we can work on music. Weak."
"There's history here," Luc replied. "Let me get it worked out."
"Yeah, worked out. With an ass like him, all you're going to get is walked on." Brennan clenched his teeth and pulled his hand back. "You're never gonna get rid of him if you keep kissing his ass. And yeah." He hooked his fingers in the air. "Getting sheet music is considered more than a platonic get together."
"You would read into things." Luc backed away from the door and Brennan. "Just go. I can handle this."
Brennan lunged into the door, throwing a punch. "I am so out of here. I want a guy who wants me, who can heed me. You belong to that thing on the porch."
"Heed you?" Luc grabbed the door handle and flung the door open. The wooden barrier connected with Brennan's nose, spurting blood onto the carpet. "Get the hell out of my apartment and don't bother to come to the session tomorrow. You're fired."
On the porch, Taygan stood, wide-eyed.
Blood poured from Brennan's nose and fury lit his eyes. "I quit. I'm not dealing with your shit." He turned on Taygan and grabbed a fistful of his shirt. "I hope you're happy. He's a mess, and it's all because of your bullshit magic." He gave Taygan a toss and stomped off the porch.
Taygan slumped against the railing, looking limp and lifeless. Luc gasped and knelt next to Tay. The man somehow looked frailer, smaller than Luc remembered. His heart clogged in his throat as he gathered Taygan in his arms. "You can come in now." Just don't die before I can sort this out.

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What Turns You Off About a Book?

Yeah, that's a slightly odd title for a post, but I had a long car ride and well, those things give you lots of time to think.

I'd just read a book where the characters literally met for the first time and within an hour were getting horizontal. Now I know this happens. Duh, one night stands. But they KNEW they were destined to be together because it was LOVE. Now I can sorta buy into the love at first sight. I can even kind of buy into the fated mates business.

But I have a hard time buying into it when the very first sex the couple has is spectacular and they KNOW it's forever. Why do I have a hard time with this? Probably because I've had sex. GASP. I know, crazy. Anyway, the first time I did it, it wasn't the stuff of romance novels. It was awkward at times, a little klutzy, and well, the first time. I don't get how the first time for the characters, especially a virginal woman who is 32 or a gay-for-you man can not possibly be klutzy.

Before you get all cranky on me, I know. This is romance. It's supposed to be fantastic sex. Just sayin'...

Another thing. Fated mates. Now, I can go for the mates thing. It's sexy to think there's this guy/girl out there who is uber sexy and totally waiting for the heroine/hero. It's very cool. But there's the human factor. What if after a while she's not that in to him? What if he dies? Is she stuck for all of time? Come on.

Again, I know. This is romance. Things will happen. I guess I'm saying and maybe I'm guilty of this, call me out if I am, but don't paint the hero/heroine into a corner. Give them an out. Okay, so they are fated, but give them the option that just because fate says they are, doesn't mean love agrees or something like that. And the first time, someone can really clunk teeth, or roll off a bed. It happens. Trust me. I know.

Those are two of my reading pet peeves. What are yours? What really drives you up the wall or makes you want to throw the ereader? Let me know.

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A Review for Fire Woman!!

Fire Woman got a review!!!

Whipped Cream, Foxglove had to say this:

Fire Woman by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (56 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 cherries

"The characters in this story are well defined, with just the hint of supernatural powers to make them different. These are people who could live down the street or across town from you, but they have that something special to keep them from being ordinary...This is a romance with bite, and a couple of serious twists along the way. The secondary characters are wonderful, and I hope to see more of Luc and the band in the future. I enjoyed the way Ms Slayer handled the overbearing Niccolo, and the twist with the drug-addled stalker was something I didn’t see coming.

I hope this is the beginning of a long and enjoyable ride with Megan Slayer’s stories. This may be her first book, but I believe she has a great future ahead of her."

Talk about kind words!!

And it's up for Book of the Week. Want to vote for it? Vote here!
Read the reviews and vote for the favorite. If the one you pick is mine, thanks! If not, I hope you found a new great book to read!