Thursday, November 17, 2011

WIP Thursday...a Grumble and an R-Rated Excerpt!

I meant to have something witty to post today. I meant to. I'm feeling like poo but it happens. It's the time of the year for the cold bug to hit and yes, I got a flu shot. Sucks cuz my productivity has gone to pot. Oh well. It happens. I'll get back on the horse. But to tide you over, since I sucketh, here's an excerpt from my latest work, Under and Over It:

“You show off every night to those crowds. They get the best of you while I get the rest. I want to see every inch of the body under the tight T-shirts, the guy who makes everyone feel like they’re the only ones in the room. I want him to teach me anatomy. I’m failing that class.”
“Regan,” Cam whispered. “Your grades are better than mine -- I think.”
“Let’s talk where it’s more private.” Not wanting to grind on Cam in the parking lot, Regan led Camryn into the apartment. A single lamp illuminated the living room. “I’ve had more than my share of fantasies concerning you. What you taste like, smell like after sex, what you think about… You glow when you’re happy, and I want to see if I can make you happy.”
“I don’t know what to say.” Camryn rested his forehead against Regan’s, and the door snicked shut behind them. “Regan, you’re making me blush.”
“Bullshit. But I like it when you drop the punk facade.” Regan smoothed his hands over Cam’s shoulders. His lips feathered over Cam’s. “I want to see you on display -- every last bit of your body just for me.”
“Yes.” Cam panted. “Now.” He pressed himself from head to toe against Regan. His tongue pierced the seam of Regan’s mouth.
Regan’s eyes rolled back in his head as he licked and nibbled Cam. God, he’d waited for this. Waited for Cam to want him. But things could certainly slow down a tick. Regan pulled away from Cam and smacked his lips together, tasting Cam on his tongue. Mint, cola, and delicious.
“What?” Cam’s gaze darted around the room and settled on Regan. “What did I do?”
“Please?” Regan stepped back a foot, shocked by his newfound commanding tone. “I want to hear you say it.”
“Please.” Cam’s nostrils flared, and his eyes widened in the low light. “Do with me what you please. I belong to you.”
Regan slid to his knees and unzipped Cam. He’d dreamt about doing wicked things with Cam for so long… to have it happen was like having his deepest wish granted. With a little shifting, Cam’s cock sprang free from his jeans and boxers.
“So thick.” Regan closed his eyes and marked himself with Cam’s scent. He rubbed his cheek against Cam’s penis, gently nuzzling the nest of curls. Regan glanced up at Cam. Eyes closed and lips parted, Cam clenched and unclenched his hands.
“Do you want to touch me?” Regan sat back on his heels once again and worked his wallet out of his pocket. The foil packet crinkled in his hand.
“Need to touch you.”
Regan took his time tearing open the condom. “Say it.”
Cam’s eyes opened. A look of confusion and want crossed his face. “Please.”
Taking Cam’s hand in his, Regan kissed Cam’s palm. “Very good.” He wasn’t exactly sure where the dominant streak was coming from, but damn, he liked it. Judging by the cock bobbing before Regan, Cam liked it, too.
Regan cupped Cam’s balls with one hand and smoothed the condom down his length with the other hand.
“Please?” Cam murmured. “Let me touch you, too.”
Regan nodded and kissed the crown of Cam’s dick. Cam, in turn, forked his fingers in Regan’s hair. Pleased with the response, Regan worked Cam’s rigid length, swirling his tongue along the vein. The barbell in his tongue bobbed against Cam’s penis.
“I forgot you’re pierced. It feels fantastic.”

Here's the blurb and linky:
Rock hero Camryn Tate makes the girls scream, but his roommate, Regan, holds the key to his heart.

Regan Finley's photography makes the local music scene shine. He's four months from his final exhibition and graduation. But instead of preparing for the party, he's fretting about his exhibition theme -- bondage and passion. There's one person he wants to make his exhibition come to life, if he can convince his housemate to participate.

Camryn Tate plays the music that makes the young girls scream. He likes being a local rock hero. When he finds out what Regan wants for the exhibition, Cam has to make a decision. He can let Regan have his commanding way and get the pictures he needs for the exhibition, or he can walk away from the best roommate and friend he's ever known... all because of a little ball of nylon rope.

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