Thursday, October 6, 2011

WIP Thursdays

I managed to get the second Glow Band book turned in. Editor loved the title, so we'll see from there. I'm getting ready to plan out the third book, once I get some other housekeeping done. I'm going to help Wendi guest blog over at Manic Readers and you never know when I'll pop up over at Whipped Cream with a guest blog.
I'm taking part in a new release party over at the Romance Studio in December for my Christmas Glow book, Wrapped Around.

But coming up sooner, I'm taking part in not one but three Halloween shindigs. Actually we're probably gonna do something fun over at the Menagerie, but not sure what yet. I'm part of the Bewitching Trick or Treat Blog Hop, The Romance Studio's Spookapalooza and the Halloween Bash over at the Long and Short of It/Whipped Cream Reviews.

Am I busy? Maybe.

Read the free read right here every Wednesday, Wanted: Dead or Alive, it's my Halloween treat to my readers.

Come along with me, it should be a fun ride. :-)

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