Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wanted: Dead or Alive ~ Part One

Follow the story of a vampire, the woman who loves him and the evil doctor determined to steal his blood for 'medicinal purposes'...

copyright C. 2011 Megan Slayer

"Dani?" Please let her be home. He smelled her, but bell she permeated his thoughts and if he didn't catch her scent, he'd be worried."Dani."

Danica opened her front door. Clad in rumpled sleep shorts and a race tee, she gave him a hard on."It is four in the morning. People sleep at this hour. Make it good...are you okay?" Her lips parted and worry clouded her jade eyes. "What's wrong?"

A shiver skated up his spine. Hell. "Just let me in. Please?"

She stepped back from the door and nodded."Anything."

Malachi pushed past her and slumped down in front of the space heater, flicking it on. Damned doctor anyway."Lock everything. I mean it."

"Sure." Moments later, Danica settled down next to him. She draped a blanket over his shoulders."I locked the doors and the windows like you demanded. I’ll just say it--you’re scaring me. What’s wrong?”

Malachi puffed out a long breath and raked his fingers through his hair. He didn’t need to breathe—that was part of the allure of being dead, but still. “There’s this doctor that wants me dead.”

“Dead? Um, Mal, you’re already dead.”

He loved her witticism, just not right now. “Cute, you’re real cute. He wants me dead, dead—after he siphons me the rest of the way.”

“The rest of the way?” She scooted closer to him, brushing her hand over his. “For what?”

Malachi slipped his hand out from under hers and adjusted the blanket to cover his stiffy. The moment she smiled, he got hard. Having her hand on his was almost as good as a kiss. He longed to actually get the chance to kiss her. Hell, he was probably more in love with her than he’d like to admit.

“Are you okay? My breath smells doesn’t it.” She rolled her eyes and tipped her head back. “I know nothing about personal space sometimes.”

“No, Dani. You’re fine. I’d say you smell wonderful if I knew you wouldn’t deck me.” He smoothed his fingers over her cheek, bringing her gaze to his. “I’m an aphrodisiac.”

“You’re full of shit.” She huffed and folded her arms across her ample chest, bunching her breasts under the thin cotton of the t-shirt.

Malachi reached for her. He needed the comfort in her touch and the calm in her eyes. “I’d love to say I’m pulling your chain. I’m not. I’ll kid all night long but this is serious.”

She sat quiet a moment and stared at him. The corner of her mouth twitched and she brushed the wrinkles out of his shirt. “Okay, I’m confused. You’re cute and all, but how are you an aphrodisiac?”

“Don’t be droll.” He rubbed his thumb along the sweep of her cheek, delighting in the softness of her skin.

Danica closed her eyes and moved against him. Her lips parted as she opened her eyes. “I’m not. I’m lost.” The dreamy expression melted from her face and her brows knotted together. “What’s this clown going to do—eat you so he can get a boner?”

“You know I know you are dying to run with that.”

“I know.”

Malachi took a moment to compose his thoughts. Things were all of the sudden a little much for him. “According to a study done at the Fae University, of all the supers vampire blood has the most health benefits—but not to other supers. Only humans.”

“No, that was a hoax on television to scare people.”

“Well, if it’s a hoax, then why is Dr. Bowie coming after me? He bagged me on my way here six hours ago.” He put his hand in the air. “Before you give me the riot act, read this.” He pulled the paper from his back pocket and placed it on her lap.

Dear Mr. Reeves,

My name is Josiah Bowie. I am a doctor, specializing in sexual abnormalities. I would like to discuss an exchange. Your blood for my money. Your blood is critical for the health and well being of the human race as it will aid in procreation purposes.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Dr. J. Bowie.

“Bowie? Like the knife?” She snorted. “And this letter is crap. At your earliest convienence. If he took you, it wasn’t convienent.”

“I knew you’d notice the knife reference.” He gritted his teeth. “It doesn’t matter. He’s got a sample from me. Word on the street is he already killed Zep and Mariah. There aren’t too many vampires left and I don’t want to be a vampire creating machine. Sorry, but no.” He shook his head and stood. “If this stuff is as valuable as that report claims, then I am screwed."

“Maybe not.”

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