Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Snoggin' ~ Fire Woman Style

Fire Woman
Megan Slayer
ISBN: 978-1-60521-693-5
Word Count: 16K
Page Count: 56
Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 23, 2011
Editor: Katriena Knights
Cover Artist: ReneƩ George
Genres and Themes: Erotic Romance; Novella; Paranormal; Magic & Mayhem
Changeling Press LLC

She’s everything he needs… if he can withstand the burn.

Atria Moline isn’t your average photographer. She controls fire. Sounds fun, being able to scorch whenever you like? Think again. She’s lonely and desperate for the touch of the man who can dance in her flame -- if she doesn’t immolate him first.

Zac “Iceman” Frost controls the stage with his band Glow. He’s not about to back down from Atria’s challenge. He’s got secrets of his own and his sights set on her.

She plopped down onto a nearby folding chair and closed her eyes. Zacchaeus “Iceman” Frost. Goofy name for a hot man. Hot? Okay, so the guy was handsome in a brooding, six-foot-five manner. She licked her lips as a clear image of Zac came together in her mind. Muscles just where a woman wanted to lick. Hardly a stitch of hair on him and a just one tattoo on his back -- a spider web or medieval design… she wasn’t sure and didn’t care. And those eyes, the pristine blue of the North Atlantic. Heat zippedthrough her veins. Was he packing? The bulge in the front of his leathers hinted at more than enough to please. Need tingled in her pussy, and Atria crossed her legs to stave off the sensations.

“I want you, Attie.” His sensual lips curled into a smile. “Now.”

Her breath came in labored puffs as she opened to him. Just to feel his callused hands on her body, tweaking her nipples, drawing out her fire and scorching them through and through.

“What are you doing?”

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Zac’s voice, and not from her fantasy, came through loud and clear. The music stopped, leaving her in the thick throb of the crowd noise just on the other side of the wall. Open her eyes and face him? Maybe she should just stay in the safety of her daydream. Atria slowly forced her eyes open to deal with the man who embodied sin and sex. Instead of the throng of groupies and the rest of the band, Zac knelt before her. His breath fanned over her cheeks, and his spicy cologne swirled around her.

“Is this a dream?” Wow. Again, she sounded foolish. “I mean…”

His hand spread across her thigh, kicking her heat up a notch. “Does it include hot sex?”

“Men.” She scooted from his grasp, forcing herself to avoid his touch. “Not everything has to do with sex.” Not when her gift interfered.

Mirth and something else twinkled in his eyes, and the corner of his mouth lifted in a grin. “All right for you."

“I need to see Luc.”

“He’s preening for the crowd. He’ll be here.” He nabbed a bottle of water from the mini fridge. “Are you going to take pictures or just irritate him?”

She palmed her camera bag. Instead of the hard plastic, her hand squished into the leather. No… no. She glanced down. Dammit. “I was.”

“Left it at home again?” He chuckled, the sound radiating down her spine. “I’m beginning to think you don’t want to photograph us. Or do I really put you off?”
“Your smiling face does do something for me.” Oh crap. Talk about a come-on. “I’m not sure what, but it does something.”

“Right,” he said, drawing the word out. Before Zac could say anything else, Luc breezed into the dank room.

“The crowd was fierce tonight.” He snapped his towel on Zac’s arm, without bothering to look in her direction. “I’d ask why you came down here early, but I’m pretty sure I know. Hi, Attie.”

Melt into the floor, that was what she needed to do… and maybe slide between the cracks in the floor. Was it possible to hide under a solid slab of concrete? “You wanted pictures.”

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