Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Spotlight Continues!!!

Come on over and comment. I'm giving away a GC and plus, it's fun to hang out!!!

Should be fun!!!

And since I'm feeling spunky... here's an excerpt for Fire Woman
“Make love? Now?” she whispered. Yes, she wanted to know every square inch of his body and feel him moving within her. Niccolo and his stupid commands be damned.
Propped on one elbow, Zac cradled her body tight against his and rubbed his nose along her cheek. “I’ve wanted to kiss you since the moment Luc brought you to the studio.”
“Me?” Her voice squeaked. Great. Way to sound confident. With him so close, she saw not only the blue in his eyes, but the rings of azure blending with white streaks along his pupil. A girl could get lost in such a brilliant palette of color.
“That’s why I brought you to my most sacred place. The dog likes you, I’m hooked on you. Works for me, now kiss me.” Zac blotted out any response she could come up with and lowered his lips to hers. She opened to him, licking along his bottom lip and tangling her tongue with his.
“Lay back,” he murmured.
Atria did as he asked, but she didn’t take her gaze off him. The whole scene, him there with her, him interested in her -- it had to be a dream. “Zac?”
“Hush.” Kisses fluttered along her inner thigh. “Enjoy.”
Her mind raced as he nudged the Henley up to her breasts. Enjoy sex? Duh. Not worry she’d incinerate him? Umm… She stilled his hands. “Wait.”
He smiled up at her, molding his hand to her breast. “Atria, love, it’ll be good. Promise.” As if to punctuate his words, Zac drew circles on the lacy surface of her bra.
She shuddered as the kiss of cool air caressed her fevered skin. Her nipples beaded. Dear Goddess, she yearned for his touch, and since he hadn’t turned to a pile of charred man…
“Kiss me,” she bit out and shoved the shirt up over her chest. Better to say what she wanted than give in to the fear. Atria closed her eyes. The chill from his breath meshed with the heat in the room as he sucked on her tender flesh. Instead of apprehension, sheer delight swirled low in her belly. Each swipe of his tongue felt like ice crystals on her skin… too intoxicating and just right.
“Everywhere, love, everywhere.”

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