Thursday, August 18, 2011


Ok, so I totally have news for WIP Thursday. :::Fanning face::::

Remember how I talked about the elemental story that I wrote and had sent off? Well, I sent it to Changeling Press. It's one of my superstitions not to tell where I sent the MS or anything, just that it went in just in case it gets kicked back.

This one was accepted. I'm a Changeling Author!!!! And I even have a coming soon page. How freaking cool is that?

Here's the in progress blurb:

She’s everything he needs...if he can withstand the burn.
Atria Moline isn’t your average photographer. She controls fire. Sounds fun, being able to scorch whenever you like? Think again. She’s lonely and desperate for the touch of the man who can dance in her flame—if she doesn’t immolate him first.

Zac “Iceman” Frost controls the stage with his band, Glow. He’s not about to back down from Atria’s challenge. He’s got secrets of his own and his sights set on her.

Can they find love in each other’s arms before a threat from her past destroys their future?

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