Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WIP Thursdays

I love WIPs. I do. Why? Because it seems like, WIPs breed WIPs. Yup. Just like cautions breed cautions in NASCAR. As soon as one idea starts percolating, then another sprouts from it. I've been working on the Elemental story (and yes, they've informed me that they are Elementals, not elementals. Elementals are in charge of their element; elementals are simply people. That's their explanation and they're sticking to it.) So the heroine from the main story (or the first story), her brother, who is in the first story, has told me his story. I knew he was gay, and I knew who he was with...but man...they guy is hurting. I can't wait to get his story from the notebook to the computer.

Still no word on the boys. When I know, you'll know. That's the news of the nation. More later. I'll be at the Menagerie tomorrow and I've got the hottie all planned on the Menagerie for Saturday. Come on back and check him out!!!

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