Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WIP Thursdays

Still no word on the submission. Editors are always backed up. I'm...ok, I'm a little worried, but really, they get a LOT of subs. Would I love to have an answer in the email right now? Poof! Uh...yeah...who wouldn't? But I realize, what you want won't always happen.

So I wait...

And write. Yup. The first draft, sans sex, is done for my WIP intended for Changeling. I've always wanted to write for Changeling as I have quite a few author pals who write for them and from what I've seen, it's a rockin' place. Now, the character started off as a nymph, but the more I worked on her, the more I came to the conclusion she was an elemental--a fire elemental. If she makes love to someone, they combust. Honestly, the hero gave me a twist I wasn't expecting and I love it.

So I'm back to the trenches. I hope to have the love scene at least half tackled tonight. Hoping. Hope with me.

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