Thursday, March 24, 2011

WIP Thursday

YAY!! Finally have something to talk about. Am I slow as a writer? Yes. It happens. Younglings, men, cats, get the idear.

So, got the men back from the CP. She loved it. Mostly what she saw was stuff that's internal. Ok, so those aren't the easiest things to fix sometimes, but it's a start. Yanno? It's something I can work with instead of wringing my hands and waiting.

So I'm working on them, and I'm crossing my fingers for Wendi. She's got two subs in and two stories that should be in edits soonly. Talk about a busy girl. Wish I were that busy.

Ok, so I've given you the run down. Gonna go work on the story so I can sub it by the middle of April maybe. :-)

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