Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Cat Went Out to Play

So Megan took off for a bit. She does that sometimes. The guys get to be too much or sometimes they just act like guys.

Anyway...she asked me to come over and guest blog. Didn't tell me what the heck to blog about...just write something, dammit.


So...I thought I'd write about inspiration. Now you're probably wondering how a picture of a cat playing hide and seek in a plant is inspirational. And now you're wondering how either Megan and I could possibly be on an inspy wavelength. I'll get to the cat part in a moment, but the inspy part you'd be right. We even tried a contest to see who could come up with an inspy story. Both of us got stuck at "Once upon a time..." Yup, we didn't get too far.

Now about the cat. You see, that's my cat. He's shy. He likes to creep into the room, watch, decide what he's going to do, and ultimately take off at the first sign of a loud noise or dog. Can't say I blame him. I mean, if you lived a foot off the ground and something more than two and a half times your size strolled up, you'd freak, too. He reminds me of my characters. They get shy and freaky, too. Sometimes both at the same time. One moment, I'm writing along, totally in character and then BOOM, they get shy and don't want to talk. Other times, I'm working on something else, and THAT'S when they want to talk. Yanno, usually when I can't write stuff down. Pain in the behind. I'm right there right now. I want to work on a WIP and I can't. Why? They won't come out and play. Noooooo. They'd rather stay in the midst of foreplay. Brats.

Ever have that happen to you? I just wondered. I'd love to know if you do. Maybe we can commiserate.

PS: Happy St. Pat's day. More than likely, Meg's tipping a few back with the boys. She does love her green ale. Luck of the Irish to you and yours.

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