Thursday, February 17, 2011

WIP Thursdays

So I'm still plugging away at the WIP. Permanent isn't quite where I thought it was, but I'd rather find out now than find out from an editor. I keep telling myself that, and yet, it still is a little irritating to find out it's not ready. I read a blog where the editor listed reasons not to hit send. In other words, reasons maybe that fantastic WIP isn't really ready. It made a lot of sense. I mean, I'd like to think I have thick skin, and here I am obsessing on whether it's ready or not. I'm scared, panicky, worried, and trying like heck to make it the best I can. I know there will be issues with it, but that's the crazy fine line. Where is the divider between what's good but needs a little bump to make it better and 'this stinks - toss it'. Where is the line that says, this is totally worth the effort and this isn't? I know from talking to author pals, what one house will take and love, another will not love at all.

Isn't the whole idea to get the thing pubbed with a quality house?


Ok, I'm going to the bat cave at Wendi's to write and work. Ta!

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