Thursday, December 16, 2010

WIP Thursdays

Whew... I almost forgot about posting today. Lots of things going on and lots of wrapping paper floating around. And don't get me started on tape. I didn't think tape could possibly disappear as fast as it does.

WIP Thursday...

I'm still working on the M/M. Wendi's been reading it over and she seems to think it sounds good. We'll see. I had a name change for the story as the characters didn't like what I'd come up with to start with. It was originally titled "Yes, Mistress" but River and Tory informed me that, no, Mistress wasn't involved in this one as a main player. Oh, well...ok. Then it became "Somewhere In Time" because I'd started it from that short story I'd put on the blog not too long ago. Ah, but they didn't like that either because the story had evolved quite far from "S.I.T" (and they thought the shortening it to initials looks silly). So, I let it ride. Then the idea that River had spent time at The Dark Side Club a.k.a. The Darkness, so I titled it "On the Dark Side". River hated it. Tory was indifferent. Well, I chucked that title as well.

Wendi had told me a story about her vamps and how she listened to Storm to get his identity right (making him a vamp, not a simple human P.I.). So I thought, well, Tory, River, what do YOU want the story to be called?

Both men kinda stared at me for a moment and then at each other. River scooted back and folded his arms. Tory grinned. Now, Tory looks an awful lot like Matthew Morrison from gLee. Give him darker eyes and you've got a body match. And his grin is downright lethal. He says, "I told River, I'm permanent. So why not call it that?"


His brow furrowed. "Permanent."

And so the story had a final title.

I have a vampire story in progress, but I want to get this one really done before I throw myself into that one.

((Checking clock on cell phone)) Oy! I gotta go. I still need (to get that football helmet), no, I need to get stocking stuffers. (Can't tell what Christmas movie is my favorite, can you?)


Tomorrow I'm hanging out at The Menagerie. Come by and chatter with me!

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